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Voiceover, Social Media, Multi-media

I've been using the internet to link radio stations with their listeners since before most people knew what the internet was! I recognised the medium was destined for big things and as such have extensive experience of how to make it work - using many of the same tricks and techniques that have made me a success in the world of radio.

As social media began to lift off I was again instrumental in recognising the potential and using the platforms to create further engagement between radio stations and their audience.

I've managed website design and content, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Podcast production and presentation.

My voice has also been heard on podcasts, commercials and videos. My years of news broadcasting experience means I can provide an authoritive formal style, or something much more approachable and friendly. I've also got a great ear and can do a wide variety of character voices and accents.

Click HERE for voiceover for We Are Video / Sportall

Click HERE for voiceover for

Click HERE for character voices from The Pulse (Comedy Weather feature & Promotional Trailers) - warning, contains some singing, not necessarily perfect pitch